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Our shoes are responsibly crafted for the modern day woman who believes sustainability and
fashion can live together. Through fashion, it’s our commitment to ensure women
have choices while still helping to make an impact.

Recycled polyurethane

Polyurethane plays a vital role in preserving natural resources of the planet. By using this recycled product, we are conserving gas and energy from being wasted.

Recycled Fabric

Lightweight and sustainable, 
 all of our fabric used is repurposed and recycled to prevent materials from
 going to waste.

Recycled Outsole

Our outsoles are made from recycled materials to ensure that our shoes are made sustainable top to bottom.

Recycled Shoe Laces

It's all about the details, most shoelace materials end up in landfills, but by having our shoelaces come from recycled materials, we can prevent that.

Algae Foam Insole

BLOOM insoles help reverse the effects of water pollution by
repurposing algae to create sustainable materials and
generating clean water.

Ethical is the new normal.

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